be like the sun

January 31, 2023

wonderful ~ beautiful

There are some people who have sun inside them.
It’s hard to explain.
Their presence just brightens your world.
It’s not about beautiful smiles.
They have an internal being that sheds light
and feels like sun on your cool face.
It’s a calm energy.
And inner peace.
Confidence and self.
But most importantly it’s not wanting anything back.
It is sun.

~ unknown ~

*first photo taken with my new Motorola cell phone camera.

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Visitors with no sense of humor are advised to turn back now. Management is not responsible for any damage to feelings.


We’re not making a point.
We’re making a change.


99.9% of people don’t know what SMART CITY means. It doesn’t mean ‘smart’ as in intelligent, clever, or of good thinking. Smart is an acronym:

S – surveillance
M – monitoring
A – analysis
R – reporting
T – technology

Make note of this and critically contemplate the pros and cons.


Donation of Constantine:… The Donation of Constantine (Donatio Constantini or the Donatio) is a medieval forgery dated to the 8th century CE purporting to be an original 4th-century CE document in which the Roman emperor Constantine the Great (r. 306-337 CE) granted supreme temporal and spiritual power to the Church. The document claims that c. 315-317 CE Constantine was cured of leprosy by Pope Sylvester I (served 315-335 CE) and, in gratitude, surrendered his power and lands to the pope and the pope then generously gave that power back, allowing the emperor his reign…”

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a bit of madness is key

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