The difference

January 31, 2023


The difference….
I still love my democrat friends and family but, you see it your way and I see it mine.
You saw Trump’s arrogance, I saw Trump’s confidence.
You saw Trump’s nationalism, I saw Trump’s patriotism.
You heard Trump’s unsophisticated words, I heard Trump’s honesty.
You saw Trump’s racism, I saw Trump’s words being misconstrued and twisted
by the media daily to fit their narrative.
You saw Trump as a Republican, I saw Trump as a Patriot.
You saw Trump as a dictator, I saw Trump as a leader.
You saw Trump as an Authoritarian, I saw Trump as the only one willing to fight for our freedoms.
You saw Trump as childish, I saw Trump as a fighter, unwilling to cave to lies.
You saw Trump as an unpolished politician, I saw Trump as a breath of fresh air.
You believe Trump hates immigrants, I know Trump married an immigrant.
You saw Trump putting an end to immigration in America, I saw Trump welcoming immigrants
to America LEGALLY.
You saw Trump’s cages at the border, I saw Obama’s cages at the border.
You saw Trump with a struggling economy, I saw Trump with an amazing economy
until Democrats shut it down.
You saw violence in the streets and called it “Trump’s America”, I saw violence in the streets
of Democrat-run cities that refused Trump’s help and who called the violence “Liberal America.”
You wanted someone more “Presidential”, I’m happy we had someone who finally didn’t just talk the talk
but actually walked the walk.
You and I? We see things very differently.


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Hillary has implied that if she was to be prosecuted, she would take half of Washington DC with her.

I really don’t see a problem with this.

Do you?


maybe if everyone eats a snickers bar
the world would calm down


The Great Resist

They will own no one
and we will be free!


take care
stay safe
much love

4 Comments on “The difference

  1. This is great! This is it exactly. I realize now that many see our nation, and the people, the way our current leaders want them to. They believe it. With all their heart. And they are willing to fight for it, at the expense of freedoms, and more. I will pray for them, and our nation, and VOTE. In the end, they will understand. I have to trust God. It’s just so sad. 🙏

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