Month: February 2023

love is not all you need

February 28, 2023 wonderful ~ beautiful you need: ~ respect~ support~ trust~ to be cared for~ boundaries~ to be seen~ safety~ space to grow~ acceptance~ people to show their love through actions~ people to be there when it matters hope you have a great… Continue Reading “love is not all you need”

Smart city

February 28, 2023 (internet image) copied … The introduction of the word ‘smart’ was incredibly ’smart’ marketing. We’ve been using it for years. A bit like ‘green’. Both words associated with meanings of being a smart and responsible human being. So let’s look at… Continue Reading “Smart city”

pureblooded (music video)

February 28, 2023 parody of Foreigners song ‘Hot Blooded’ (internet image) lyrics: well I’m pure bloodedcheck it and seeain’t no experimental vaccines in mecome on Fauci you can kiss my a$$I’m pure blooded, pure blooded you don’t have to read my mindI saw you… Continue Reading “pureblooded (music video)”


February 28, 2023 Biden, Great for America false information ~ checked by independent fact-checkers (Facebook) just a little humor…whoever did this is good with voiceovers and what not… “I’m smoking on Bhutanese shadow garden grown dark evil pack” maybe that’s his problem… hope you… Continue Reading “Funny”

a dark night at Holly’s World

February 28, 2023 picture of the day here I opened wide the doordarkness thereand nothing more~ Edgar Allen Poe …my new cell phone has a ‘night mode’ setting on it, unfortunately there still needs to be some kind of light for anything to turn… Continue Reading “a dark night at Holly’s World”

be good to yourself

February 27, 2023 wonderful ~ beautiful whatever you’re feelingbe good to yourself if you feel lostbe patient while you find your wayif you feel scaredbe gentle with yourself while you find the strength to face your fearif you feel hurtbe kind to yourself while… Continue Reading “be good to yourself”

I’m not gonna lie

February 27, 2023 my thoughts It’s been a rough month… It’s been a real struggle. I wanted to quit. Throw in the towel. Walk away. Everything’s okay, life’s okay. I was just feeling frustrated. It all started when I dropped my cell phone in… Continue Reading “I’m not gonna lie”