is the truth enough?

February 3, 2023

She’s someone


…does the woman, the woman who was born female have any rights? Or does she give up her rights to accommodate for everyone else?


a 22 minute video…”freak in the bathroom”

…women’s rights are being attacked, destroyed – however you want to say it. When a person – a woman – a human being – can’t be secure in their own person, whether it be in the bathroom, locker room, sports, whatever, something is wrong. With society. Even the definition of “woman” has been changed.

What about the transgenders right? What about my right?
Anyone can be transgender…it’s the truth!
Anyone can pretend to be whatever – it’s the truth!
So where does your right end and my right begin?
How many rapes does there have to be
by someone pretending
How many girls have to be made to feel inferior
when using the bathroom, locker room
when is enough, enough?

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