My blood is pure

February 4, 2023

…copied from Facebook…


“Our planet is being faced with one of the highest harvesting agendas
in history with its aim at dark mind control, suppressing consciousness,
and implant corrupted low-frequency programming so that you stay depressed,
disconnected, hijacked, unsettled, distraught and a slave.

“It wants you weak, it wants you silent, it wants you settling,
it wants you sick, it wants you broken, it wants you confused, it wants you done.

“This attack is about you being destroyed
and everything about what AND who you represent
including your bloodline is wiped out.

“You must refuse to have your bloodline canceled.

“Every moment, you have to decide that you will NOT bow to this corrupted system
and roach culture that is seeking to invert all things,
nor worship false idols that set itself up as god.

“You must stand in your HOLY and decree that the place where you are standing is HOLY GROUND
…claim your internal and external land space and REFUSE to give up ground.”

-Nicole Gayle

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two blood cells met and fell in love
but alas, it was all in vein


my blood type is coffee


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