banned words, to be added alongside the banned books (humor)

February 5, 2023

thought police…

in the video he suggests words that should be taken out and words or phrases to replace said words…

like penis, winner, person, man, no, and more.
It’s funny, and meant to be nothing more than poking fun at some of the craziness going on in society.

The thought police are watching you!

Ideas are more powerful than guns.
They would not let their enemies have guns
why would they let you have ideas.


if we don’t believe in freedom of expression
for those we despise
we don’t believe in it at all
~ Naom Chomsky

Just so you know, a different opinion isn’t misinformation.

“misinformation” is the latest buzz word the Left uses to silence all opposing opinions because they can’t defend their warped, perverted, insane evil, demonic ideas.


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