the end of medical freedom and privacy?

February 6, 2023

When there is forced medicine
there is no liberty

(internet image)

…a 41 minute video

I typed “medical freedom” in the search bar of pinterest, and this is what showed up…

a screenshot…all about covid! Propaganda!!

“Stay safe from covid-19
when celebrating the holidays”

“My superpower:
protecting myself and loved ones
if we gather together this holiday season”

and more…

Copied…from my memories on facebook…

Are you feeling fearful of catching covid or any of its variants?
If so, then do what the Amish do. DO NOT WATCH TV.

Do you remember in pre covid years when you had a bad cold or a flu,
did you rush to get a test to find out the name of the flu? Off course not.
What did you do? Most likely you stayed home, rested, took medicine,
stayed away from other people and knew that if you did these things
you would recover and things would go back to normal.
What our government is trying to do is to change the way we view the common cold and seasonal flu.
They don’t want us to do what we have always done.
They want us to associate the common cold with the need for vaccines.
They do not want us to trust our own innate immune systems like we have for thousands of years.
They want to ban our natural immunity and only give us one option for dealing with the common cold.
And you can guess what that is. They want us to be fearful of anyone who coughs or sneezes,
and they want us to be fearful of anyone who has not complied to the new ‘treatment’
in a needle for colds and flus. Already doctors can lose their license for prescribing vitamin C.
You can see where this is all going.
Soon it will be illegal to grow your own garlic as it will be deemed ‘dangerous’ for your health.

Imagine a vaccine so safe you have to be threatened to take it, for a disease so deadly you have to be tested to know you have it


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