“The Light Behind Masonry”

February 13, 2023





The video is over 3 hours long. Watch it in parts if you can. I do apologize for such a long video, but he covers a lot of information here.

Ex-Mormon & Ex-Witch, Bill Schnoebelen exposes the Occult secret society of Freemasonry. Is there a connection between Freemasonry, Mormon’s and the Witches? Watch and see, at this look inside. Bill Schnoebelen is author of seven books. He was a Satanic and Voodoo High Priest, a 2nd degree member of the Church of Satan, a New Age Guru, an Occultist, a. Ex Freemason Bill Schnoebelen The Light Behind Masonry.

There are articles out there that claim Bill is a fraud…I’m not here to debate that, I need to look into it more. I’m sharing the video to expose what he says about free masonry. He was on the inside, so I would think he would be at least a little knowledgeable on the subject. He does claim to be a Christian.

if a witch tries to influence a Christian believer with a magic spell, it will often fail to work, simply because the Lord watches over His children carefully. God will not allow the devil…

~ William Schnoebelen

…I was once tempted to join a coven, but as soon as I found out what they were really about, I ran. And I never looked back.
That’s a story for another post…

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When watching or learning about anything, always do so with a grain of salt…a watchful eye.

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