Big Pharma now pushing medications known to CAUSE more blood clots

February 19, 2023


“The new version of the “New World Order” that is seeking depopulation
of the planet by several billion people is well under way,
and it’s no conspiracy theory either.
Up until three years ago, the main sources of population reduction were processed food,
pesticides, and prescription medications,
but now, there’s a new “sheriff in town,”
and the mass slaughtering is taking place by clot shot submission.
No other nick name than “clot shots” is more appropriate for the Fauci Flu jabs,
the Wuhan virus stabs, the Bill Gates gene mutation injections,
the DNA-altering mRNA spike protein prion “vaccines.””
~ ~

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Prescription drugs TV commercials with the most common side effect as blood clots, to add to the common problem of vascular clots from the Covid clot shots:

~ Chlorotrianisene
~ Idursulfase
~ Nadroparin
~ Pegaspargase
~ Reviparin Sodium
~ Voltaren gel

Medical Freedom:

which rights are you willing to give up?

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CLOT SHOT DOUBLE DOWN: Big Pharma now pushing medications known to CAUSE more blood clots

… prescription drugs that could cause blood clots have always been around, but it seems that drugs with the top side effect being blood clots is more prominent. Maybe it’s just that we’re paying closer attention now?

It’s gotten to the point that we can’t just take someone’s word that “this” is good for us, whatever “this” is.

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7 Comments on “Big Pharma now pushing medications known to CAUSE more blood clots

  1. I consider myself very ‘lucky’ to have never taken drugs, prescription or otherwise. I just avoided it all. even though drugs are pushed for everything. I’m pretty sure not doing drugs is why I’ve never been sick.

    • I had pneumonia really bad as a child and asthma type allergies, so I’ve had plenty. I’m learning now though how to make my own, or use different foods or plants to combat whatever’s ailing me.

      • I do have allergies but they seem to be connected basic. Natural remedies seem safer than drugs now-a-days, seeing how insane the drug companies are.

      • Ever since I “grew up” I’ve tried to find alternative remedies. Sometimes it doesn’t seem feasible – like medicating an asthma attack, or dealing with pain. There are alternatives, like drinking some Coca-Cola for an asthma attack, or taking an Epsom salt bath for pain. One needs to do a little research and take the time to apply the alternative. Most remedies can be found in the pantry, fridge, or garden. I do have some over the counter meds stashed away, but for the most part I’ve gotten away from “doctor recommended”.

  2. I love this. I didn’t know about the coca cola, but I always try my best to NEVER use any medications either, if I can. Even when I had my knee replacement and ACL reconstructions, I never took anything. It helps that I am allergic to Codeine and all of its derivatives.

    • My mom told me about the coca cola a long time ago, but I can control it by staying away from things I’m severely allergic to – like rabbits.

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