Lock your doors…

February 21. 2023

(internet image)

a 13 minute video… war preparations? I’ve seen two videos now that suggests this.

stroking fear and alarm, reeks of a psyop…

These balloons, aliens, UFO’s….whatever they are, is all a distraction from reality. It could be “prepping people for war”, but we don’t know this for sure.

an 8 minute video…

Craziness!! And it’s all being hidden from us…

And in other news…


Facebook jail again?

LMFAO…yep, again!

… I’m really surprised it took me this long! I’ve been a free person for almost a month. This time it wasn’t a nude or sexual flower or bubble, it was…


I know it says group activity is restricted, but I’m totally restricted. Can’t do nothing…

I actually shared this meme a while ago…guess they finally caught up with me. Oh well. I knew something was up because when I tried to open the FB app, a message came up stating “something went wrong”. When I could finally do something, I couldn’t remember my password, so I had to get a code.

I got another 29 days!


hope you have a great day!
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11 Comments on “Lock your doors…

    • I’m surprised myself. It seems I go through phases…I can go a long time, several months, without any restrictions, then I get one after another after another. It might help that my account is set to private, at least a little.

  1. I hope they let you out soon. If you try to go over the wall, don’t make your escape in a hot air balloon. They might try to shot you down with a side winder missel.

    • 🀣 29 days…but that’s ok, gives me time to clean up my blog a little.

      I’ll keep my feet on the ground for the time being ☺️

    • I’ve heard of quite a few accounts that were just deactivated, no reason. I’m waiting for my day, I guess. I honestly don’t know what factors they use to justify the action. Some, like yours, seem to be out of the blue. Others, after so many jail times, or offenses, they get deactivated. My Twitter account was “locked” last year, for no apparent reason.

      • Personally I am glad to be FB free, but I would like to know what happened. I haven’t posted anything controversial in ages. I write a food blog, what is controversial about that. I would love to see FB and all its cronies go to jail, but REAL jail, for good.

      • Maybe bc you’re not using cricket paste or flour in your recipes? πŸ˜… From what I see and has happened to me, they don’t like real, humor or sarcasm. You’ve seen my flower photos…. there’s nothing sexual or “nude” about them, but – that’s what they’ve gotten me for three times. This time was for making fun of the whole balloon situation. I’m sure my day is coming…

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