World population (11)

February 21, 2023

On February 14, 2023, the population was…


Current World Population

(February 14, 2023)



Births today: 165, 475
deaths today: 82,862
population growth today: 82,613

(screen shot)

On February, at approximately 11:30am (EST), the world population was:


Current World Population



births today: 175,492
deaths today: 67,878
population growth today: 87,614


this year:

births this year: 18,897,449
deaths this year: 9,462,958
population growth this year: 9,434,492


The world population has grown 1,287,930 since my last post on February 14 of this year.

world population clock

With the Ohio train derailment, earthquake in Turkey, and other things going on, I would have expected the numbers to be a little different, but the population growth seems to be holding steady, at least for the moment.

I’m not sharing this info to try to prove anything or scare anyone. I honestly want to see what is going on with the population. Over time, we will see what is going on. From what I see, population growth has slowed way down. The world population only grew by almost 212 million people in two years (approximately 106 million a year since 2020), that’s not a whole heck of a lot!

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  1. Many decades ago, in the 70’s I believe, the “world leaders” were strongly suggesting that there should be no more that 2.2 children per family. (But, now the family unit has been destroyed, there are no longer “traditional” couples and there are 57 different sexual genders. Plus, with “15 minute” cities being desired, I’m guessing there will someday be a “purge” of suburbia, and the hinterlands? Sad!

    • It is sad. It’s all to bring in the NWO and one world religion, and is an attempt to bring as many as possible away from God.

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