love is not all you need

February 28, 2023

wonderful ~ beautiful

you need:

~ respect
~ support
~ trust
~ to be cared for
~ boundaries
~ to be seen
~ safety
~ space to grow
~ acceptance
~ people to show their love through actions
~ people to be there when it matters

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Make History

What do all these great men have in common?

They are members of the world’s oldest fraternity and giants of their generation.

Masonry teaches brotherly love, relief, and truth.

We currently have open enrollment for membership.

True Lodge Workers #7

~ Bill Cosby
~ Julian Bond
~ Ossie Davis
~ Jesse Jackson
~ Kweisi Mfume
~ Thurgood Marshal


I feel presentation is as important as the meal itself…


Liberals think conservatives are violent because we own guns…

when was the last time you saw a group of conservatives block a freeway, turn over cop cars, riot, throw Molotov cocktails and burn buildings?


explosive governmental growth, crime bosses asserting themselves, attacks on the wealthy, many businesses shuttering their doors for good, war,

take care
stay safe
much love

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