Smart city

February 28, 2023

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The introduction of the word ‘smart’ was incredibly ’smart’ marketing.

We’ve been using it for years. A bit like ‘green’. Both words associated with meanings of being a smart and responsible human being.

So let’s look at a smart city.

You see, they’re already being slowly drip fed to you . You have a smart phone, smart car, you’re sold the planets resources are scarce and now you NEED to live in a smart city.

These things are trialed first. UK is starting with a 15-minute zone. Drive outside your zone, you’re fined.

Then it will become built that way.

So basically an open prison.

Controlled fully. Obey all rules at all times for the sake of the environment and for others.

You don’t see it coming.

These are openly discussed and planned by those unelected billionaires in charge right now.

Think the zones in the hunger games, feeding the wealthy. And you’ll get the picture.

You are meaningless to them. You’re to be contained. The layer of the sky is not being destroyed by you. They keep you controlled by making you believe the lie.

Do nothing though. Stay distracted. Buy into how amazing your life will be in a smart city. Before you realize it, all your freedom has gone.

It is well planned, it is a thing.

You’re not SMART if you ignore the ‘agendas’ and believe the BS.

…. No they just make you believe you are with clever advertising. 😉

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