some things still do make sense

March 10, 2023

wonderful ~ beautiful

when you realize heart and earth
are spelled with the same letters
it all starts to make sense

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What we accept in faith/indoctrination…


A strange faith based superstition that one has the birth right to rule over nations of people, own all of the land they dwell upon and steal their earnings under the guise of taxation.


the older I get…

the more I understand why.


Here’s a first look at the plane used to shoot down the Chinese spy balloon


5 Ways To Actually Use FEMA To Your Advantage: ask a prepper… humanitarian aid, financial assistance, information, mutual aid, getting your neighbors on board with prepping before disaster hits,

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redneck tip #43
don’t be afraid to get dirty
mud is sexy

One Comment on “some things still do make sense

  1. Royalty, a family of inbred murderers who have convinced themselves they are ordained by God to rule over the masses. Sounds like a few other families as well. Rothschild, Rockefeller, and more. Inbred evil creepers who worship . . . what was that word from your other post . . . oh yes . . . luciferase. Sadly, we’ve made everything easy for them. Although, things will not end the way these clowns hope and believe. 😇❤️🙏

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