world of trouble

March 17, 2023

wonderful ~ beautiful

it isn’t the rebels who cause the troubles of the world
it’s the troubles that cause the rebels

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the masses have never thirsted after truth…whoever can supply them with illusions is easily their master; whoever attempts to destroy their illusions is easily their victim

~ Gustav le Bon


Field report #16534: It has been 116 days since my successful infiltration of a right-wing extremist chat group. Any time I attempt to steer the chat towards making actionable threats they either ignore me or tell me to stop “fedposting”. I lost my temper last week and called them retards. Their response was to not only agree and praise my assessment “so true, king…etc.” then individual members began posting “I am Retard” like it was Spartacus or something and the admin renamed the chat “Retards R Us”. My sanity is at its limit. I am begging you for reassignment.


Breaking: Freedom of Information Act requests show a dozen phone calls between the cell phone of Ray Epps and the office of Speaker Pelosi in the week before #January6th

~ fake news ~

…FOIA has asked but not given permission on the basis of Epps privacy, this is a deep state operation, according to gateway pundit


Silver As Water Preservation Agent, safety, only the real McCoy will do,

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everything sounds like
“I love you”
through duct tape

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