change is inevitable

March 18, 2023

wonderful ~ beautiful

soon all the warnings will stop
the world is about to change forever

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What feminists think the gender war is

woman vs man

what it really is

control vs freedom
(slavery) vs (family)


I see the problem.
Your guitar is out of tuna.


If this was an insurrection…

these American citizens would have guns and politicians would have been executed.


Are the COVID mRNA Shots Affecting Birth Rates?:… From the beginning, there have been glaring signs that the mRNA shots may be impairing fertility. Preliminary data suggests that our worst fears have not materialized. The reason for this is not yet clear.“If our governments were honestly interested in vaccine safety, they would have been carefully monitoring fertility among many other health measures, with separate categories for vaccination status, number and timing of doses in both the mother and father. But health officials either did not collect this data, or (more likely), collected it via its V-safe app but didn’t share it with the public.”

take care
stay safe
much love

why are cows broke all the time?
someone’s always milking them dry

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