seek the truth, and you will find it

March 20, 2023

wonderful ~ beautiful

the truth has never denied the seeker
it is the seeker that has denied the truth

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These classified documents keep showing up like mail-in ballots


If you don’t have anything nice to say,
just sip your coffee and realize you’re not the only one.


Teachers when I was a kid

“I hope everyone had a good recess. It’s time for math.”

Teachers now

“Whiteness is a privilege. Now who is ready to hear about my sexuality?”


From LAB to LUNGS: The real COVID timeline in a nutshell:… “From lab to lungs, the scamdemic was planned so that big governments and big pharma could take control of the populace, kill off billions of them, control the rest, and convince everyone that the clot shot vaccines were the saving grace of it all, even though they are the weapons of mass destruction.” the article outlines  the history of this plandemic from 2004 to the present

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I try to contain my crazy
but the lid keeps coming off

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