History’s biggest smart ass?

March 23, 2023


Triboulet, a notorious jester for Louis XII and Francis I once slapped the king on the butt
which greatly angered the king, but then was given the chance to be forgiven if he could think
of something clever. He said “I’m so sorry…I mistook you for the Queen!” When he was sentenced
to death for making fun of people, he was allowed to choose how he would die. He chose to die of old age.
The speechless king let him go.

~ also known as Nicolas Ferrial, also known as Le Févrial
~ According to Dr. John Doran’s 1858 The History of Court Fools, Triboulet was born 1479 in Blois, France
~ low-level French jester around town, and made a court fool by patent around the age of 24
~ was banished to the countryside, where he did indeed die of old age in 1536
~ source: allthatsinteresting.com


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