Preaching about Jesus illegal in Israel?

March 24, 2023

“Proposed legislation would outlaw talk about Jesus in Israel”
…say it ain’t so…


for violation of proposed hate crimes law
in his teachings and in his book “The Bible”

Jesus Christ

Also known as: Lord, Savior, Son of God, Prince of Peace, Messiah
Identifying marks: Scars along forehead, in the hands and feet and scar on the side
Known Associates: Matthew, Mark, Luke, John

Wanted for revealing the truth…

(internet image)

a one hour video…

It is possible that the Israeli government
this year could pass legislation
making it illegal for people to share the Gospel message
in the very land where Jesus was born, raised, preached, died,
buried and rose from the dead?
Unfortunately, yes!

~ Jerusalem, Israel

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2 Comments on “Preaching about Jesus illegal in Israel?

  1. That would be an amazing feat since 1/3 of the population is Christian and Jerusalem is literally divided into thirds to respect all three. It would be a strange outcome, to be sure.

    Also, if this is the legislation I think it is, the individuals that propose it do so whenever they are up for re-election and it never goes anywhere as Israel is not interested in such insanity. The guy proposing it received an unwanted book years ago, when I was in grade school, and we discussed how radical and out of proportion his reaction was when he suggested this back then. He got mail he didn’t want and got bent into a shape of crazy that bruises the mind. I get mail every day from people telling me that I need Jesus to other people offering to buy the house I live in at significantly below market value because a neighbor of mine moved. They can go away. All of them. The only thing I would ban is their ability to assault my mailbox over and over again, or my personal phone with automated calls. They can do whatever they want, but I don’t want to receive anything from them unless I ask. I think everyone on the planet agrees with my reaction and NOT his. So, for right now, I honestly think this twisted man is going to jump up and down and still hear a resounding no. As it should be.

    Also, I doubt the bill has changed to be more drastic over the years, and back then, the bill proposed outlawing speech regarding ANY religion that is in any way an attempt to cajole, convince or convert anyone to the religion. The thing is, he made it clear that it was created with Christianity in mind, but he never specifically states it. Therefore, the bill would ultimately ban Jews from trying to convert anyone else, Christians and Muslims would also not be permitted to. And still, everyone said to sit down and keep his ax to grind on his grinder at home. Even in todays world, I can’t imagine it got more restrictive and more aggressive with time

    • I’ve got an article I’ll be publishing later today that has links to the bill, which happened by accident.
      My hope is it’s nothing more than fear tactics. Everyone has the right to believe what they believe, and to listen or not listen. There are often unseen consequences when things like this pop up.
      I too get letters trying to get me to convert or sell my house. They end up in the burn pile. And no one knocks on our door anymore since we put a gate up.

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