Women/parents must be liberated from parental work, so they can fill socially productive roles

March 30, 2023

The Silent Patriot

The day is coming when good people will be forced to do bad things to bad people.


These are not my words, nor my thoughts or feelings…

“The World Bank is promoting a Marxist agenda that involves the public surrendering their children to a global childcare regime.”

This is a Marxist/socialist agenda, and the goal is to “foster “genuine equality between the sexes.””. According to Karl Marx and other like-minded people, being a parent and raising children isn’t “socially productive “. So parents would surrender the care and education of their children over to the government. If course, it all sounds fine and dandy, but it’s not as simple as it seems.

The way it’s worded, it sounds like parents would drop their child off at daycare or school and then pick them back up after work. Sounds familiar, right? It’s already in place…

In fact, you can see “government take over” already happening, it’s been happening… especially in the education and healthcare system. If you’re paying attention.

“The U.S. Strategy on Global Women’s Economic Security says, “The U.S. government has partnered with the World Bank and is leading diplomatic engagements to encourage partnerships in the recently launched global Invest in Childcare initiative, housed at the World Bank, which will expand access to quality child care and early learning programs globally.”

“The World Bank is a financial institution within the globalist United Nations system.”

All aspects of childcare will be taken over by the government/world bank…if they have their way.

What or who gives the government any say to my child or grandchild’s care? Who determines the quality? Parents and families will have no say when it comes to care and raising their families.

World Bank Calls for Public to Surrender Children to Global Childcare Regime (slay)

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