no room for fear

April 1, 2023

*I normally do this post on Friday, but since I took the week off, I’m posting it today…

photo of the week

~ March 28, 2023 ~

fear does not stop death
it stops life
and worrying does not take away tomorrow’s trouble
it takes away today’s peace

What a week it’s been! A good week, although I didn’t accomplish everything I wanted to. I won’t complain though…

My sleep schedule is still off, but scheduling my first post – “photo of the day” – to publish while I’m still asleep seems to work, so I’m going to go with it. Then the rest of the day, depending on what day it is, will be on my time/schedule. It’s just the way it has to be for now.

I didn’t get to work in my gardens – it was either too windy or rainy, on Thursday I had a migraine. But again, I’m not complaining. There is no reason to. I have plenty of time to work on them, right? I did work on my bird feeding station a little this morning – photos to come. For the most part, my gardens take care of themselves. In the spring I just need to get rid of the dead stuff, which I leave for the winter, so birds, bugs and stuff have a safe place to either get out of the weather or hibernate. I am expanding my front garden. In another garden, close to the house, I plan on putting some blueberry plants, as well as others, depending on what I can find.

I am planting some veggie plants soon, which will be mostly incorporated into my flower gardens, where appropriate. My housemate said something about doing a real garden – but that should have been started over the winter. My thought is to put a tarp or something down to kill off any grass/weeds that are growing in the area, then dig it out. But he wasn’t thrilled with that idea. So, it waits.

The plans I have, I will be sharing when it gets put into place – when appropriate.

hope you have a great day!
thanks for stopping by!!

Life is easy when you live for Satan.
Life is a war when you live for God.


roses are red
violets are blue
I really love being
on a government watchlist
with all of you


Why you should have absolutely zero trust in ant government on this Flat Earth:

  1. pretty much everything we’re being told about the Ukraine war is just a lie
  2. The Arizona election (and many others) have results mathematically impossible
  3. The push for electric vehicles is actually a push to eliminate ALL private vehicle ownership by “normal” people like us
  4. The world economy is being herded towards a manufactured collapse
  5. Most all in government are attacking the Constitution instead of defending it
  6. Nobody in government is going after Pfizer following the bombshell of “directed evolution” of Covid-19. Even the “good guys” in gov are avoiding the topic like the actual plague. Why into the world is that?
  7. Governments across the world are pushing for food shortages. Instead of fighting it, they’re advancing it. The Dutch farmers protested. They were shut down. As Henry Kissinger said, who controls the food supply controls the people.


take care
stay safe
much love

I’m offended by bills
can we cancel them?
That’s how it works, right?

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