for goodness snake

April 4, 2023

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“Adam was but human
– this explains it all.
He did not want the apple
for the apple’s sake,
he wanted it simply because it was forbidden.
The mistake was in not forbidding the serpent
then he would have eaten the serpent.”

~ Mark Twain

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“If things go bad, I can always live off the land…”

News Flash: “Ain’t no taco trees, sushi bushes or Lattes streams out there.”


Scar Tissue…

found this lion around


If posting the truth didn’t affect the masses,
they wouldn’t censor it.


Trump’s Arrest & the Second American Revolution: (opinion) “In the minds of many patriots, conservatives, libertarians, and even some relatively mainstream republicans our nation is careening out of control towards a socialist/communist nightmare. I count myself amongst this group of people and find myself ever more concerned that the complete disregard for the principles our nation was founded on is leading to massive levels of political unrest at a time when America’s enemies are stronger and more emboldened than ever. This demonstrative lack of respect for our Constitutional principles is becoming ever more apparent…” the author brings much needed parallels to the American Revolution and what is happening today…

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Why did the Oreo go to the dentist?
He lost his filling.

4 Comments on “for goodness snake

  1. The events of this past week are concerning in two instances. DA Bragg’s insistence on charging President Trump with a crime – any crime – will, I fear, drag the US ever closer to becoming the type of “Banana Republic” we as a nation once loathed, ridiculed and rejected as a sane and workable government. Secondly, when has the importance of selecting a national leader of great moral character ever been more obvious? There are many people with the ability to boost our economy by surrounding themselves with talented advisors as well as having the good sense to form alliances for our national interest. Yet we – and I include myself – fell for a snake oil salesman that has shown little loyalty to family or to those in his circle that had the audacity to inform the emperor that sometimes he was not wearing any clothes. Trump thought he could wave a magic wand and make all and everyone bow to his wishes. Well. it seems his proclivity to wave that wand brought us to where we are now. So, our choices seem to be thus: defend and support this former president but resolve to choose our next leader with much more care or do we just let the chips fall where they may and risk an even greater calamity to befall our nation? That truth of that once touted cliche, “Character counts”, has never been more apparent than this week.

    • I think this indictment has made Trump stronger. He’s not perfect, no one is. He can be mean, and yes, vulgar too, but that doesn’t mean he can’t be used by God. What this indictment has done, I think, is open a can of worms. We’ll see what happens.
      The corruption in our government is so deep, I don’t think even Trump knew how deep it was/is. If Clinton had won against Trump, the country would already be gone. We wouldn’t know probably half of what we know now. So much has been exposed since Trump took office and even more since the puppet Biden was installed… They’re working even now on a bill that is much worse than the Patriot act. The restrict bill.
      My opinion, but I don’t think there’s anyone out there that is willing or able to take the bullets the way Trump has. He can’t be bought and he loves America. They don’t call him Teflon Don for nothing. Look at what he’s been through…and he’s still standing. Every charge they’ve brought against him has done nothing but make him stronger. Yes character counts, but as I said no one’s perfect. I don’t see anyone coming onto the scene that doesn’t have some kind of baggage, isn’t affiliated with the enemy – so to speak, or is strong enough to withstand the storm. Anyone that stands up to the Democrats is going to have to be made of steel.

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