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April 6, 2023

wonderful ~ beautiful

Learn to talk without intention,
to give without reason,
to love without condition,
and to care without expectation

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Celebrities call for “total Hollywood strike”
until every last person gets jabbed

“We will support Hollywood striking
until EVERYONE is vaccinated.”

A group of liberal Hollywood celebrities are threatening a “massive, all-around Hollywood strike” until every last one of us is vaccinated. Describing Hollywood as “the base of the entire modern American culture”, the group also claims to be speaking on behalf of “humanity’s better nature”.

…I say, go on strike!


Me: I’m going to conquer the world today.

Morgan Freeman: She didn’t conquer the world today, she tripped over her dog’s water bowl and her socks got wet and she had a mental breakdown.


The truth doesn’t mind being questioned.

It’s lies that don’t like being challenged.


“it appears we have reached a point where small and medium sized banks are struggling to keep their heads above water. What happens in the US if small and medium sized banks fail all over the US?”
banks closing, what happens next, keeping your money safe, barter and trade are all topics covered in the article…plus more

I hope the link works…

take care
stay safe
much love

don’t run with bagpipes
you could put an eye out
or worse
you could get kilt

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    • After I posted I checked the site and it’s back up and running!
      I saw a video early this morning that Leonardo Dicrapio was on testifying about something (money laundering or something, possibly?) and was naming names. It’s hard to know if it’s true though…

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