April 7, 2023

photo of the week

Growth is a process

I planted these seeds on April 1…having no idea they would take off the way they did. Especially the zucchini seeds, which are the tall ones around the outside. The smaller plants are tomato plants. Hopefully, I can get them outside and in the ground next week.
I still have squash and more tomato seeds, which I will probably just wait to plant in the ground – rather than getting them started inside. It’s supposed to be cooler next week, but I think the chance of frost is over. At least for my area.

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Truth Seeker


~ How I imagined evil as a kid

~ how it actually looks


Sorry, I screwed up!


FDA confirms Graphene Oxide is in the mRNA COVID-19 Vaccines:… “ER Editor: So, the FOI request on the Pfizer documents is revealing that graphene oxide IS listed by Pfizer as an ingredient or rather, is part and parcel of the MANUFACTURING PROCESS. An online search for 125742_S1_M4_4.2.1 vr vtr 10741.pdf, released to the public on February 1, 2023, reveals that this story broke a little over a week ago in the US, quietly of course.  The Expose have just picked it up, and provide us with an overview of the harmful additives / structures in the vaccines beyond just GO [graphene oxide], as well as the doctors and researchers trying to expose this.”

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