the American Dream

April 7, 2023

wonderful ~ beautiful

… the dandelions really took off this year

If America could be
once again
a nation of self-reliant
farmers, craftsmen, hunters, ranchers and artists
then the rich would have little power to dominate others
neither to serve or to rule.
That was the American dream.

~ Edward Abbey

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I’m old enough to remember when paper bags were being blamed for the destruction of trees – and plastic bags were the solution…


Saw this on my mail route today. There’s a lot of reasons why your mailman might not deliver your packages, and this is one of them. I can handle a dog, but not a dog with an axe.


is this your only window to the world?


What To Do If The Biggest Civil Unrest Of Our Time Hits Your Town: ask a prepper… set priorities, avoid certain areas, don’t get caught unaware/know your surroundings, weapons, and other situations…

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to be honest
I’ve wanted to spray a lot of people with Lysol
before this all started

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