be yourself, and the right people will find you

April 8, 2023

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It’s no secret that Big Pharma has a long history of questionable vaccine history:

Simply do a quick google search…

and you’ll see the long list of billion-dollar pharmaceutical lawsuits.

Pfizer and Johnson & Johnson are near the top of this Hall of Shame.

And you’ll have no doubt in coming to the realization…

That trusting the powers-that-be
with your health and safety is a risky move.


This is why we can’t see the clients list…


Nothing says “I’m sophisticated” like drinking coffee with my pinky all the way up.


1800s Pioneer Items You Should Still Have At Home: ask a prepper… “Pioneers braved harsh conditions, long journeys, and uncertainty to build new lives in uncharted territories. We can learn a lot from the way they lived their lives – even if that means incorporating some of their items into our modern homes.” some items the article lists that should still be around the home, and able to be used, are: axe, sickles, maps and guidebooks, washboard, traps, spades and hoes, camping supplies, and more

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how to dig your own grave
step one: open your mouth
step two: there is no step two

2 Comments on “be yourself, and the right people will find you

  1. Thanks for sharing the pioneer items article. It’s interesting to see how people in the past were able to survive and adapt with just basic tools and supplies.
    Emily Davis

    • You’re most welcome.
      I used to share my own prepping info, but with the atmosphere today, I thought it was getting a little bit dangerous. This way I can still share the information, but hopefully not put myself in unnecessary danger.
      It is neat to know how our ancestors survived using basic tools, and hopefully we can still use this knowledge, if needed.

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