a word about drag

April 10, 2023

A word about men in Drag.

Drag is the pornified mockery of males fetishizing femininity. When putting it in front of children – whether with Drag Queen story hours, parades, or “family friendly” drag shows, it teaches children to accept the misogynistic objectification of women, that men make better women, and that their discomfort at being openly sexually harassed is a problem.

Drag today erases boundaries that keep children safe from predators, because let’s face it, who but a predator is ok with any of this?

What’s horrifying is how normal all of this public exhibitionism has become. It’s in schools, public libraries, parades, and celebrated with all the alphabet occasions, days, weeks, months, seasons, because oppression.

Drag is flat out exhibitionism, meant for adults, and 5 years ago would have been illegal in the presence of children.

Is everyone really okay with this? Does this look natural? How many women out there actually dress like this? This is a mockery, of real women out there.

…a 3 minute video



Slowly desensitize people to paedophilia, pushed through fake & paid for “intellectual” debate & through the mass media, magazines, child beauty pageants & pop culture, the overt sexualization of children in the mass media.


Use the primary education system to blur the lines between genders, in order to confuse children about their gender identity. When they reach puberty & adolescence this makes them more susceptible to being groomed by a man or a woman (confusion)


Use the educational system to teach ‘sexual awareness’ ( not sexual reproduction ) at younger & younger ages, until five year olds are aware of ‘sexual’ preference, techniques of sexual stimulation & so on.


The lowering of the age of ‘sexual consent’ to 12 years of age, because all the gender confused kids will be wanting ‘sex change’ surgery & if they are ‘mature’ enough to consent to that, the dirty child rapists will imply this means they can consent to ‘sex’……

Going after the children is not okay. Mocking femininity is not okay. Sexualizing children is not okay. Confusing children is not ok, the world is confusing enough as it is.

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  1. Great post Holly! I am not ok with the normalization of this. It’s crazy how fast they were able to push their agenda. I think the biggest mistake (on all fronts) is that good people weren’t paying enough attention and didn’t push back on this from the very beginning.

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