Never apologize for who you are

April 10, 2023

The media tells you who to love, who to hate, who to be afraid of, who to trust, what to think, and what not to think.

Free your mind
from mental slavery

…stop listening to the media!


White people bowing down to others & apologizing for being white….
this is what I have to say about that…. I have NEVER looked at a person through color,
have always tried to treat people like I want to be treated….
treat me respectfully & I will treat you with respect…
but I will NEVER apologize for being white & being who I am…
MY LORD, MY Creator….made me,
………God created me, he created every part of me, I am the race He chose for me to be, I am the sex/gender He chose for me to be…to apologize for it would be to say God messed up, He made a mistake…
for everything good or bad that happens there is a reason, but we can also bring a lot of things on ourselves by not following God’s lead & direction…
people have choices, no reason why in America today that you can’t work hard
and accomplish anything you want, no matter your race or gender…..
the problem IS RACISM… and it exists in ALL races…
until we can come together as one people, quit blaming others for your failures,
for things you don’t have, for things that happen to you

quit letting the government label you,
quit letting the government push the hate,
quit letting the government divide,

teach your children to respect others……children are NOT born racist, children are born with a loving nature that should be nurtured, not twisted, as they grow they will learn how to treat others, “usually by watching how their parents act”, …..until we as a people say this needs to stop & break the cycle….
IT WILL NEVER STOP….it’s our choice….

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