Never finished, but satisfied with the progress so far

April 10, 2023

~ the bird feeding station…

~ bird feeding station ~

not finished yet
but getting there

I’m going to get some flowering vine to wrap around the t-pole and shepherds hook and will be moving the lantern feeder shortly. In its place will go a hummingbird feeder – I have four at the moment. The “turtle shell” I have turned into bird bath and squirrel drinking station. I need to work on the chair and move it to the other side of the t-pole. Food keeps getting stuck under the plate, so I plan on screwing it to a 4×4 block, and put some hardware cloth down, so the board isn’t so slick. Then, I will take the back off the chair and, using a couple 2×4’s and a piece of plywood, put a roof over it. After that, who knows what I’ll do…as they say, a gardeners work is never done.

There will be more photos in the near future.

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Clinton and Trump both ran their campaigns from NYC in 2016.

Clinton paid for the Steele Dossier in 2016 and claimed it was ‘legal expenses’, when that was an obvious lie.

She paid a fine, while Trump is being indicted.

Are you paying attention yet?


If oil is made from decomposed dinosaurs, and plastic is made from oil – plastic dinosaurs are made from real dinosaurs.


Go Woke
Go Broke

Bud Light

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