April 11, 2023

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So what are the Luciferian bloodlines?
To keep it short and easy, they are what is classed as the cream of the crop in the world of the dark occult.. The top of the totem pole so to speak.
Satanism is very low level and like the equivalent of claiming benefits or being working class whereas Luciferianism is like being a boss or a multi-millionaire, except in their world they are all multi-billionaires.
They all have their own sphere of influence and their own field of expertise like for example the Collins bloodline have always been known for their powers of Sorcery/Witchcraft.
The Rothschild family for Money/Banking.
The Saxe~CobergGoethe family for Royalty.
The Rockerfellers for Money/Industry.
The Warburgs for Media…etc etc etc.
They all function throughout the world but are particularly strong in the old European countries like England, Italy, Germany, France and Spain etc…some of the old Italian Strega bloodlines are some of the strongest but darkest known.
They use Mk Ultra and SRA and the sexual inversion of their children as techniques from birth and rituals like the Moon Child ritual from even pre ~ birth to traumatise, demonise, split the minds of and completely control all children that are born to the bloodline by a breeder like Princess Diana.
Children that are allowed to live.. as many are not strong enough to survive the procedures, are allocated a profession that will dovetail with their primary/front alter personality and deeper cult alters are kept back for certain ritual occasions in order to preserve the sanity of the individual…most times alters are not integrated with each other and a Monarch “system” function independently In and of one and other so lots of them literally don’t know they are Luciferian or engage in witchcraft/pedophilia or child murder etc.
The very special ones within the bloodlines that come about very few and far between are called “chosen ones” and are special because they can be inhabited by a demonic entity and not show obvious signs of being possessed or ravaged by said demon. This is very rare and is known within Luciferian circles as a “perfect possession”
The closest the public gets to seeing and knowing of these bloodlines are the Rothschild family and the British Royals etc.
(Truth Seekers)


what is it?

Luciferians believe that the being they worship is the “good” version of the being, and do not believe the being they call Lucifer has any of the negative attributes that the Bible describes.


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