I can have peace

April 12, 2023

wonderful ~ beautiful

Note to self…

I can have peace no matter what is happening around me if I remember these things.
1. God is still on the throne.
2. He is still my Savior
3. He is for me
4. He is beside me
5. He is my strength
6. He is my shield, provider, healer
7. His promises are true
8. He will never leave me or forsake me

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It’s time for many people to be
Arrested Suddenly

…way past time, if you ask me


Hey look…
celebrity opinions


That’s a boy and that’s a grown man.
This is grooming from pedophiles
They want us to accept it.
I never will.

…lock them up, kill them, doesn’t really matter…
you can be you, just stay away from the children


Steel + Flint: ask a prepper… “Flint and steel are essential tools for any prepper or survival enthusiast. Having the ability to quickly and efficiently create fire with just two small tools is a life-saving skill. The flint is a small, roughly pebble-sized rock with a sharp edge, while the steel is a piece of carbon steel with a flat straight surface. Together, these two tools make a powerful combination that can be used to create a spark and ignite tinder, even in wet and challenging conditions. In addition, the small size and lightweight design of flint and steel make them convenient to carry and store, making them a must-have for any prepper or survival enthusiast.” the article shares info on starting fires the old way, describes steel and flint and the best kinds or forms to use, how to use them to start fires, and more

take care
stay safe
much love

strangers are like birds
if you run at them screaming
and waving your arms
they’ll run away

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