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April 13, 2023

wonderful ~ beautiful

go outside. breathe.
you were never meant to carry the burden of the entire world

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common denominator is? mental illness

~ Colorado Springs shooter identified as nonbinary

~ Denver shooter identified as trans

~ Aberdeen shooter identified as trans

~ Nashville shooter identified as trans

…did you know that being or identifying as transgender is no longer considered a mental illness? By the WHO and the US…not sure about other countries. That is how, in the US at least, they can get away with going after the children, and sexualizing them. No longer does one need to get psychiatric or psychological help if there is an issue or concern. If a person or child has issues, getting the right help is what is needed, to make sure that the right steps are taken. Now, the child or person can be started on gender blocking hormones and possibly surgery without any kind of intervention or help. Which is why I keep stating – leave the children alone. They are easily manipulated.


The biggest go fund me scam in history!


I love how coffee fixes everything.

Tired? Drink some coffee.
Headache? Drink some coffee
Cold? Drink some coffee
someone makes you angry?
bust them in the head with the cup!


debris huts, lean to’s, wickiup shelter, tree root shelter, and a Salish subterranian shelter,

take care
stay safe
much love

what do you call a nun in a wheelchair?
virgin mobile

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