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April 14, 2023

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~ money plant~
April 11, 2023

It’s not wrong to question things…

The fact that you’re asking questions shows that you’re five levels of wisdom above those who are objecting to you asking the questions

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~ woman ~ peaceful protester ~ victim
~ war hero ~ insurrectionist ~ fashion icon
~doctor ~ hero ~ educator
~ scientist ~ criminal ~ president


He’s getting the F out of there


“States are allowing folks to not identify as male or female now”

“Interesting…The Constitution only grants
men and women the right to vote”

Pumping Gender-Bending Drugs Into Kids Is Even More Dangerous Than We Thought: the… “Suppose a troubled teen girl “identifies” as a boy and wants to change her body to match it. Most people balk at the thought of pumping her with testosterone or cutting off her healthy breasts. But many of these same people think using puberty blockers isn’t so bad for even younger kids. In fact, activist groups such as the American Academy of Pediatrics suggest drugs like Lupron can “pause” puberty without harm.” Lupron is a drug that was used in the past to treat prostate cancer, and later to chemically castrate sex offenders and now is or was being used to “pause” puberty…but there are side effects that are now being brought out into the open.

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