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April 17, 2023

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when you conspire with foreign governments and the media against your own president…that is called treason


Been feeding the squirrels Frosted Flakes. I think it’s time I stopped…


This is the first time I’ve ever seen the media take the side of a mass shooter


Is Prepping Over?: ask a prepper… “This is SHTF. In 2020 our nation entered a true SHTF situation. There is no denying that. It was early in 2021 that I realized we had not emerged from that SHTF scenario, instead, it was simply changing. The masks came off but the battles between groups grew darker. The political divide widened and the strain on our resources, inflation, the cost of living overall, violence in the streets, corruption in the highest seats, and the general anxiety that the average person carries on a day-to-day basis all tells me that we are living through a massive and historical time in history.” this article explores a few questions like: Is prepping over because value is hard to find? because moving and building is tougher? …skilled prepping is never over, prepping is a lifestyle, prepping is having basic knowledge and being able to apply it if/when it is needed, prepping isn’t fearing for the worst case scenario, but preparing for the situation

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