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April 19, 2023

All I can tell you Peter, is that those documents were as secure as our border.


…a 14 second video

hello boys and girls,

are you ready to read some good memes?
I know I am!


Blame guns

“We are way past thoughts and prayers!!

“Maybe that’s the problem.”

(Defund Police)

[Hate Haters]


Imagine if you will a group of people so disgusting…
they have to make laws making it illegal to hate them



“Don’t you dare erupt!”

~ democrats ~

“My final warning!”

rumble ~ rumble
ultra mega maga


Democrats have given Americans an ultimatum…

either vote for them to destroy America, or they’ll destroy America.


Eye chart: V ~ O~ T ~ E~ R ~ F ~ R ~ A ~ U ~ D

Donkey: B…I…D…E…N…W…I…N…S

Doctor: “You’ve got 2020 vision.”

(internet image)

[Minnesota State Refuge For Child Sex Mutilation]

“We’re from the government and we’re here to help”

$big-medical money$

~ hormone therapy ~


and then we told them gas stoves were harmful
but a toxic cloud of vinyl chloride is totally safe


Breaking News:

“2+2=3” ~ “2+2=3” ~ “2+2=3” ~ “2+2=3”

“But 2+2=4”

“It’s that youtube conspiracy theorist again”

“Where’s your tinfoil hat?”

“You’ll kill grandma with those dangerous conspiracies!”

“Silence him!”


“C’mon man!
Communist China ain’t bad folks.”

“You lying dog-faced pony soldier!”

Trump holding sign: America 1st

~ Where’s Hunter? ~


Me: I promise I won’t get all political

3 drinks later…


you’re all wrong, the earth isn’t flat or round…

it’s f*cked



“Are you trying to preposition me?”


You can’t fix stupid…


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