do no harm, and stop being ugly

April 23, 2023

wonderful ~ beautiful

I’m so sick of ugly
I don’t mean physical looks
I’m talking about ugly hearts
ugly souls
and ugly actions

…a person can be one of the most beautiful people on earth, but their actions, the way they treat people and others, can make them ugly. You can tell the truth without being ugly.

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You know what they call a cigarette in Great Brittian?


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link: urban dictionary


Notice the difference:

Republican Woman

Democrat woman

…I honestly wouldn’t have differentiated between the two this way, maybe “real woman” and “wanna be” or something like that. And to be honest, Dylan looks sickly…


me leaving the Area 51 raid with a stray cat I found

link: Britanicca – Area 51|description, history, location and facts


NYC Mayor Vows To Cut Carbon Emissions by ‘Severely Limiting Food’: the people’s voice… “According to reports, Mayor Adams and Mayor’s Office of Food Policy (MOFP) Executive Director Kate MacKenzie will reduce absolute carbon emissions from food purchases across its city agencies by 33 percent by 2030.”We’ve already made great strides in reducing our food emissions by leading with plant-based meals in our public hospitals and introducing Plant-Powered Fridays in our public schools. Now, we know we need to go further. mandates will come to restaurants, grocery stores and foods deemed to contribute to carbon emissions will be highly taxed…

take care
stay safe
much love

stop worrying what other people think
I mean, have you met other people?
they’re awful!

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