forever and ever

April 24, 2023

wonderful ~ beautiful

forever is composed of nows
~ Emily Dickinson

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Why is anyone surprised by the rise of mass shootings from the trans/non-binary community?

Stop pumping these people with a false sense of affirmation and start addressing the media-driven epidemic of gender dysphoria.

This is what you get when you exploit mentally ill people.

Trans rights
…or else


shelter first
fire before water
water before food

You can last for days and days without food
lots of hours without water
but you’ll either freeze to death from the cold
or boil from the heat of the sun
long before you die from thirst or hunger


I’ll never hear ratchet strap again my whole life

Rat Sh!t straps
$15 each


DIY EMP-Proof Truck: ask a prepper… “In a crisis, having a vehicle makes a huge difference to your chances of survival. You can cover enough ground, fast enough, to get away from fires, contamination or bad weather. You can load up all the gear you need and head for a bug-out location.” The article discusses why you want an older truck (any vehicle will do, but a truck is better to haul things) and improving EMP resistance.

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stay safe
much love

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