it’s huge!

April 24, 2023

It won’t be long before the azalea is as big as the porch…
The porch is around 20 feet long, just to give you an idea of how big the azalea is.

I do dump spent coffee grounds under it every so often, but other than that, I leave it alone. It’s gotten so big and “woody” that I can’t trim it back. It would look too weird. It’s nice and healthy, so I leave it alone.

All of the photos are of the same azalea bush taken throughout the years, going back to 2019.

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If kids were getting secretly baptized at school,
leftists would riot.

~ Rogan O’Handley


~ Russiagate
~ IRS Tea Party scandal
~ Fast and Furious
~ NSA spying
~ Benghazi coverup
~ Spying on journalists
~ Uranium One
~ Surrendering Iraq to ISIS
~ Bo Berghdahl for 5 Taliban generals
~ Hillary’s secret server
~ Planeloads of cash to Iran



Can somebody tell me where exactly does Dylan Muvaney shove that Tampax that they’ve paid him $10,000 to promote?


take care
stay safe
much love

type flatearth backwards in your search engine
add .com
see where it takes you

(promise it’s not somewhere obscene or anything)

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  1. I had heard about the link thing before, but never tried it until now. So fitting…. truth backwards is fake (agency). Awesome.

      • That’s really funny… here’s the first article: Spider-Web Sensor Reveals a Flat Universe – yeah, flat universe, haha..

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