Is gender reassignment surgery really the best option?

April 26, 2023

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Young people speak out after having transgender surgery…

…a three and a half minute video, there is fowl language, just so you are aware

I honestly feel that people who are having surgery aren’t being told the truth about the surgeries, or at least the whole truth. Having breasts removed is probably the only “safe” option, but even that can be risky. There are and always will be complications when it comes to surgery…any surgery.

I know from experience: Transgender identities devalue, dehumanize and destroy:…
“Their document provides proof that “gender change” is a fraud and a scam and the “treatment” of hormone therapy and gender surgery is ineffective to change genders–and doctors know it.”

there are many stories, on both sides, here

Honestly, I don’t think a person should mutilate their body in order to feel happy. This includes tattoos and piercings. I’m not totally sure gender reassignment works. From what I see, most – not all – have regrets and still feel suicidal afterwards. All the doctors will say “Yeah, it’s safe…it works…you’ll be happier.” But are they just saying that? Think about what we’ve been through for the past two years with the vaccines.

Society has pushed this on the young, for the most part. The Young are easily manipulated. I get that there is a real issue with gender identity, but that is something that a psychologist/psychiatrist, parents, and anyone else involved should deal with. Not pushed on a five-year-old (or younger)…children play, pretend, imagine all kinds of things. That doesn’t mean that a child was born to the wrong body, or even wrong species.

My son used to play this game when he was about 4 years old where we would chase each other around the yard…the person “chasing” was an airplane and the other one(s) were bird(s). If the airplane caught the bird, it got “gobbled up by the airplane”. Does that mean he identified as an airplane? His favorite color for about two weeks in kindergarten was pink, does that mean he thought he was a girl? No! It was a phase!

Most of the time, in young children, that’s all it is – a phase. But we have adults now who are pushing this on the young, and the young believe what the adults tell them.

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