April 27, 2023

Navajo demonic shapeshifter that Native Americans won’t mention by name


~ have glowing yellow eyes, run on four unnaturally long legs, and can manipulate time and space
~ has become a taboo subject within the tribe
~ To the Navajo tribe, the ‘legend’ is very real — and very dangerous
~ Skinwalkers transform into various animals, one of these being a wolf
~ while werewolves can be killed by shooting them with a silver bullet, a Skinwalker can be killed by using a projectile coated in white ash
~ for the Navajo, shapeshifting beasts are still very much alive, and not consigned to dark legend,
~ Skinwalkers allegedly enter our world from another realm, accessing hidden doors in the ancient desert rock that makes up New Mexico
~ their ability to enter different worlds on a whim makes them especially dangerous to people, specifically non-Navajo
~ can transform or shift into different forms in a blink of an eye
~ some say they can run non-stop for 200 miles
~ they have to actually be invited into the home, much like the vampire
~ the Pueblo, Apache, and Hopi have their own legends and myths about the shapeshifter
~ a Skinwalker can also take various forms, such as a fox, coyote, or even a smaller, airborne predator like an owl
~ the person who becomes a Skinwalker isn’t an unsuspecting soul but a skilled and powerful medicine man, using their knowledge of the dark arts to their advantage by performing ceremonies and rituals that invite the Skinwalker into their lives… and even into their bodies
~ rituals are said to include grisly acts like cannibalism
~ achieving the state of Skinwalker is permanent
~ not only can a Skinwalker transform into an animal, but also jump into another person’s body

link, and to read more, click here: Behind The Legend Of ‘Skinwalkers,’ The Native American Shapeshifters That Haunt The Southwest

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