people will be offended when the truth is spoken, keep speaking the truth

April 28, 2023

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He who dares not offend cannot be honest.
~ Thomas Paine

…for some reason, WordPress is not posting my posts when I schedule them to be posted, so I think for the weekend I will be posting when I’m ready to. The weekends are slow times for me anyway, so it might work out ok. My sleep/wake pattern is starting to get back to normal, now that I don’t have to stay up late into the night, to keep the wood stove going and the house warm. Hopefully, come Monday things will work themselves out and I can start scheduling my morning posts again. Only time will tell, I guess…

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“Trust the science”

~ boy ~ girl ~

“Not that science!”


What drag queen story hour is really all about is convincing little kids not to be afraid of the grown men who want to have sex with them


The hewer generations will never understand the absolute grip this Baby had on our culture…


28 states currently have stand your ground laws on the books, ‘Stand your Ground’ laws vary by state, when SHTF, will stand your ground laws apply?, If martial law is implemented, ‘stand your ground’ laws will likely not remain in effect

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stay safe
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it’s funny how people who lie gets popular
but those that tell the truth are psycho

2 Comments on “people will be offended when the truth is spoken, keep speaking the truth

  1. I quit scheduling posts a while ago because it started having a 15 min delay. I can only post manually now. Could be more censorship nonsense, who knows?

    • Thanks. I’ve thought it could be censorship. I do have a post scheduled for tomorrow that I will let post whenever it posts…see what happens. If it is on a delay, I’ll try to make adjustments. I do like to have the first post published by 9am. Somehow, someway, everything will work out the way it’s supposed to.

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