The Truth Hurts

April 28, 2023

*I originally drafted this back in February, don’t really know why I didn’t post it back then – except that I needed to get permission from the author. I don’t know why I had all these posts saved to drafts…I have a feeling I got overwhelmed or something. I believe I wasn’t in Facebook jail at the time, as I was able to communicate with people. But it was a short-lived escape to freedom.

Most everything is how I saved it two months ago…as far as I know, all the links work.
Hope you enjoy…

I’ve been sitting on this for a few days…I needed to get permission from the owner/publisher. I always try to when it comes to things like this…all the information and links are from 2008. I guess you could consider this a flashback of sorts…

The truth hurts, but silence kills.
~ Mark Twain

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Connecting The Many Undersea Cut Cable Dots – 9 Or More?  Click here

Get ready to have your guns confiscated.  U.S. troops are being trained to conduct round-ups, confiscate guns and shoot American citizens, including their own friends and family members, as part of a long-standing program to prepare for the declaration of martial law, according to a soldier who recently returned from Iraq.  Click here they’ve been talking about this forever, but as long as there are strong, American patriots, it will never happen.

Iran can’t read this website.  Did you know that?  And do you know why Bush wants to attack Iran?  The reason is NOT WMD.  Iran stopped accepting the dollar bill for their oil.  All countries cannot use American dollars to purchase their goods from Iran.  It’s pissing off a lot of countries.  Your failed media isn’t reporting SHIT.  Read all about the truth here.

Were the cable lines a coincidence or did the power of internet marketers and conspiracy nut-jobs like me stop an interstellar war because they figured out the US and Israel were going to attack and we can’t attack when everyone saw we cut the cables.  DOH!  Read this (Posted Mon Feb 4, 2008 3:14pm AEDT
Updated Mon Feb 4, 2008 4:03pm AEDT)

Terminated! Freemasonry’s
Final Revelation!
The Red Symphony – Part 2
By Henry Makow PhD

Freemasons “have to die at the hands of the revolution which has been brought about with their cooperation,” according to C.G. Rakovsky, a founder of the Communist International.

“The real secret of masonry is the suicide of Freemasonry as an organization, and the physical suicide of every important mason.”

This disclosure is from a 1938 Stalinist police interrogation entitled “The Red Symphony.” (Transcript in Des Griffin, Fourth Reich of the Rich, p. 254) click here to read more

For more about these secret societies, click here


Feb 3 – Update:  Fourth one cut

February 2, 2008 – Third Undersea Fiber Optic Cable Called Falcon
Cut Friday Between Suez and Sri Lanka.

“We had another cut (Friday) between Dubai and Muscat.
The cable was about 80G capacity, it had telephone, Internet data, everything.”

– Flag Telecom official requesting anonymity

Third damaged cable called Falcon provides communication to countries in the Mediterranean and Gulf regions, according to Dow Jones Newswires. On Thursday, January 31, 2008, two other undersea fiber optic cables owned by Flag Telecom and consortium SeaMeWe-4 between Alexandria, Egypt and Palermo, Italy, were cut – according to Du, a state-owned Dubai telecom provider. Stephan Beckert, an analyst with TeleGeography, told CNN the first two damaged cables provide the majority of international communications between Europe and the Middle East.

Cause? One speculation is large ships dragging anchors. With public communications cut off in Iran and other Middle East regions, a geopolitical speculation is that cutting major undersea fiber optic communication cables is deliberate sabotage before some unknown upcoming event in the Middle East or elsewhere.  Source:  Earthfiles

Pray we do not attack Iran or we will anger China and Russia.  This attack will trigger World War III, martial law in America and the new Furor, George Bush, to reign on our Freedom!  Why would George and the gang attack Iran?  1.)  Iran no longer accepts US dollars for their oil  2.)  Iran sits on the second largest reservoir of oil in the world  3.)  Iran can collapse our economy if they stop selling fuel altogether

China owns 2 trillion of our dollars.  If they spend it, we will collapse.  Russia is trying to regain their military they lost in the 90’s because they see the New World Order coming.  Folks, you may think you live in the greatest of times, but you are going to witness evil at it’s purest form in all of history.  You will soon be bowing your heads to Satan himself.

I believe that our President Bush has completely ruined America and signed our freedom away into a fascist state when he dropped habeas corpus from the constitution, which means you can be jailed and tortured for no reason without trial if you may be a “terrorism threat”.  I too didn’t see it coming.  Mission Accomplished.

You may not give a shit but in the years to come you will realize what happened when the satanic rich and powerful load you up in railroad cars and shackles to take you to America’s New Concentration Camps and start to murder the sick and weak along with train “slave workers”.  Auschwitz was just a practice run.

Portland, OR:  Did you know that an employee of a manufacturer of railcars stated that Gunderson Rail Car Co. received a contract to build over 400 boxcars? They were not ordinary boxcars but boxcars that were ordered and paid for by the UN that are white with human shackles built into them.  Read more here  They killed a Saint Whistleblower Phil Schneider over leaking that information to the American public.

Guess what sheeple, America is the NEW Nazi Germany and we WILL become Nazis whether we like it or not.  You have been warned.  Do this:  Google Rex 84 short for Readiness Exercise 1984, and you’ll learn that in 1984, there was an exercise by the United States federal government to test their ability to detain large numbers of American citizens in case of massive civil unrest or national emergency.  And thanks to Bush, all of the legal bills and laws have been passed to do this to the American people.

FEMA Concentration camps are sprouting all over the United States.  Since Bush’s family and friends plotted September 11th, it was the beginning of the de-construction of America.  It only took the Rothschild’s and the Rockefeller’s 7 7 years to come up with a new plot to create a massive economic global depression to eliminate the middle class with the mortgage epidemic.  Thus it should be a matter of 5 – 10 years when all you will see around you are either the rich or the poor – nothing in between.  We have to have a new world war to swipe the plate clean from what America owes in debt.

The Federal Reserve prints paper money and there is no gold in the US Treasury (Fort Knox) to back it all up.  The US dollar worth is slipping and how long can the feds keep bailing out the economy?  For almost 20 years, anyone with bad credit could buy a house, therefore the majority of the American populace owes more than what they have.  What good are we to any outside country or bankers other than owing them something?  If we owe are we not slaves?  Yes.  We will repay them back.  And if you refuse, they will incriminate you.  Why else does the State need the blood of your baby when it is born to test it?  Can’t the hospital your baby’s blood?

All they (The New World Order) are waiting for is a national disaster to declare martial law and/or trigger WW3.  So what could this natural disaster be?  A downed US satellite c containing nuclear warheads out of service to fall on America?  Fake terror attacks like 911?  Fake comet to strike the Earth to allow us to give control to the Bush Furor?  Fake Alien attack?  A massive pandemic sprayed over the skies

The New World Order is happening.  You are going to lose your freedom whether you like it or not..  Watch Endgame by, Alex Jones.  Purchase weapons, guns, bullets, water, food and somehow get yourself out of debt from any creditor or banker.  Something is happening and we don’t have a lot of time.  The elite wants you dead.  They want only 500 million people on this Earth.  They don’t care about you or your job or family because all you are is a consumer consuming their land like a virus.

You matter not to them.  You matter to Christ.

Another serious problem

Now comes the hard part.  I have read and read about the child abuse ring that is going on within the CIA, The Skull & Bones, Free Masons, Illuminati, satanic cults and the likes.  It is sick and I am sorry to report that these freaks think that the secret to immortality is to molest male children.  Read this.  Watch this.  And watch this.  Then this.  <– They all see to be the same but they are not.  And do your research because the minute your child is out of your view, these sick evil men will try and have their way with your child and you will never be able to forgive yourself for not knowing.

This is the personal website of James Carner who resides in Bend, OR.

If you are interested in my life, feel free to look around.  If you are trying to learn all about me for business purposes, I wouldn’t read into my beliefs nor judge me for them.  I created this website because I have nothing to hide.  I could be wrong about things and I could be right about others.  All my opinions…

I am an open and honest person that believes in good karma.  I believe in Jesus Christ.

I am a simple man who only wants other people’s happiness.  I never thought I would ever be the person saying something like that.  I hate evil and can smell it a mile away.

 I did a lot of research in 07 and continue to do so.

Thanks for reading.  Have a blessed day.

This comes from his website, which he posted to facebook.

Certain situations must happen
so that true intentions can be shown


I wish I had been paying a little more attention back then – but I guess I was paying close enough attention. As of yet, I haven’t let the lefts fearmongering get to me. Yeah, sometimes I wonder what the heck? But I know things have to happen the way they do for a reason…if it weren’t for Trump, we would probably still not know of all the corruption, but we had to have Obama for Trump to happen. And so on and so forth. It is what it is…this too shall pass. Probably like a kidney stone, but it will pass.

hope you have a great day!
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