important nothings

May 1, 2023

the first and the last

This is something relatively new I’ve started doing, where I share the first and the last photo on my cell phone. On the first of the month, I post this.

February 22, 2023 (left/above) ~ April 25, 2023 (right/below)

which of my important nothings
should I tell you first?

~ Jane Austen

The walkway carpet is gone and the bird feeding station is coming back to life with greenery. I still haven’t gotten any flowering vine to wrap around the poles…hopefully this week I can. It’s been kind of cool this past week and when I can get out to work in my gardens I’ve been concentrating on the vegetable garden in front of the house. I’m almost done with that and will be moving on to another garden to put yet more vegetable plants in, the ones I started in the house a few weeks ago. The hardest part is just digging right now and getting as much of any root systems out as I can. Next year won’t be so bad, and if I want or need to expand I can.

hope you have a great day!
thanks for stopping by!!

Never Forget

The men who founded this country were cannabis growing, whiskey drinking, tax evading rebels who left their homes late one night to go shoot at tyrants who were taking a government paycheck and trying to disarm them.


Rise and shine my fragile friends!
What silly nonsense are we offended by today?


Aliens invade: “Earthlings, we have killed your leaders, destroyed your economy, and are here to take over you government”

Humans: “Oh thank goodness”

aliens: “wait, what?”


take care
stay safe
much love

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