Title 42 ending

May 8, 2023

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…a 38 minute video

summary: “America is dealing with a border crisis, an economic crisis, and a constitutional crisis — all at the same time. On today’s Friday Exclusive, as the southern border prepares for a massive influx of illegal immigrants due to the upcoming expiration of Title 42, Glenn paints a horrific future for Texas if the border isn’t secured. Plus, he shows footage from El Paso that proves border cities are beyond overwhelmed. But first, with the economy crumbling and banks crashing, you may be worrying about your bank account. Glenn puts SOME of those fears to rest while addressing the economic turmoil heading our way. Lastly, as Glenn lays out all the problems our country is facing, he tells us that those in charge of fixing the issues don’t give him much hope. But we can always trust that Kamala Harris can handle artificial intelligence, right?”

What is Title 42?
“Title 42 refers to a rarely used section of the U.S. Code that dates to 1944. The law empowers federal health authorities to prohibit migrants from entering the country if it is determined that doing so could prevent the spread of contagious diseases.” (pewresearch.org)

~ 1.4 million people have crossed the southern US border just this year (2023)
~ hundreds of thousands are waiting for Title 42 to end
~ military has been sent to the border, but not for security but to do paperwork

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