it takes courage

May 10, 2023

wonderful ~ beautiful

take being called crazy as a compliment
it means you’ve found the courage to be yourself when so many others have not

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did you know?

The deepest hole ever dug by man is over 7.5 miles deep. The Soviet Union started an experiment in 1970 that aimed to drill as deep as possible into the Earth’s crust. They planned to make it 49,000 feet but had to stop drilling in 1992 because the temperature at 40,230 feet was much higher than expected.

link: Smithsonian Magazine


This is the slowest alien invasion ever…


U.S. inflation:

Jan 2021: 1.4% <- Biden took office here
Feb: 1.7%
Mar: 2.6%
April: 4.2%
May: 5.0%
June: 5.4%
July: 5.4%
Aug: 5.3%
Sept: 5.4%
Oct: 6.2%
Nov: 6.8%
Dec: 7.0%
Jan 2022: 7.5%
Feb: 7.9% <- The was in Ukraine began here
March: 8.5%
April: 8.3%
May: 8.6%
Build Back Better~ Biden


the history and art of camouflage, reasons to use natural camo, incorporating regional and seasonal foliage, and more

take care
stay safe
much love

have you ever had one of those days
when you’re holding a stick
and everyone looks like a pinata?

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