targeted by Satan

May 14, 2023

When you are a threat
you are always the target


Do you know why you are targeted by Satan (the world satanic system)?

Because you are not like the majority of people in this world. You are different.
You think different and your heart is pure with good intentions.
You are the type of person that thinks out of the box. You don’t believe everything you see and hear.
You are the type that questions everything around you.
You are not afraid to speak the truth and go against the law of men when you know it’s not right and fair. You like to figure out things. You are a heavy thinker.
Your mind always knows when something doesn’t make sense, you are willing to look at the problem and fix it.
You cannot be manipulated or be triangulated against others.
You research everything that happens in the world because you don’t believe it.
You are always looking for the truth. You don’t agree with everything the world is presenting to people.
You don’t settle for anything without researching.

That’s why the devil hates you.
Because you are a threat to his Kingdom and his hidden agendas.
Because you have the ability to see the lies within government
and in the world and you don’t want to be a part of it.

You are unlike the rest of world that are stuck in the matrix believing every lie and going along with it.
They are just being manipulated and deceived by the world satanic system
and doing everything the world tells them to do.
That’s why Satan has those people come against you, to destroy your mind and your heart.
To shut you up from exposing their wicked plans.
That’s why they play with your mind and label you as crazy
so no one will believe you when you speak up.
That’s what the whole gangstalking is about.
They want to destroy your mind and kill you slowly with witchcraft and electronic weapons.

Not everyone will understand or believe what has been written here.

Jesus Christ can protect you.
You are here on a mission from Jesus Christ to expose the work of darkness and wake people to the truth.

God bless you.

~ copied in part

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2 Comments on “targeted by Satan

  1. Good post. I have to pray daily to “put on my belt of truth” do as not to be deceived by the world, the flesh, and the devil. There’s too many liars in our world, nowadays, who have no fear of God.

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