give her time and be her friend, it will be worth it

May 16, 2023

wonderful ~ beautiful

That beautiful girl with the sadness in her eyes?
You have no idea what she’s been through,
what kind of struggles she’s endured,
or the pain she keeps buried.
You don’t need to fix her.
Give her warmth and understanding, she just needs time to heal,
and you’ll want to be there when she does, because when she shines,
there really is nothing else quite like it.
~ S.L. Heaton

Boy, I say boy,
you got more loose screws than a hardware store in an earthquake



someone who will riot in the streets, destroy property and attack conservatives…

to protest against “hate”


be the extremist
facebook warned you about


Over-Stockpiling Food You Don’t Really Like, Bugs In Your Flour And Other Grains, Stocked Up On Gear Right Before A Big Drop In Price, and other topics are covered in this article

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if I ever disappear from here
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that I violated community standards
to the bitter end

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