with a grateful heart

May 17, 2023

wonderful ~ beautiful

Things to be grateful for:

~ what left
~ what stayed
~ what’s on the way

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No one has the right to march across our border, or into our homes, unannounced, uninvited or unvetted.

No One!


Guys, hide your junk the Michelle way!

“I’m finally sharing my secret! Be the real you with my patented Junk Trunk. Just slip it on and you can play women’s sports, or tease handsome men.”

~ Michael “Michelle” Obama


For Sale
3 in 1

tornado, earthquake, nuclear bomb shelter


SIX COMPANIES LEADING THE WOKE WAR ON WOMEN: woke alert… “Calvin Klein, Estée Lauder, and Anthropologie are just a few companies that appreciate a great deal of business from women, but recently have gone woke by replacing women with men in their company advertisements for women’s clothing and products. Some companies, like Woke Washed Levi’s have gone so far as to attempt to erase women by making “genderless” clothing lines. This is totally WOKE!” some other companies listed in the article: Pantene, Rent The Runway, Estee Lauder, CoverGirl

take care
stay safe
much love

why was the lumberjack fired?
he saw too much

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    • I think that was pretty much phased out by the time I was in school. If we did the drills I was young. The main thing for us was “stranger danger”.

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