let love be your guiding light

May 18, 2023

wonderful ~ beautiful

let the love in your heart
be the light that guides you
through your darkest moments

carbon footprint news

less carbon means…

~ less oxygen*
~ fewer plants
~ larger deserts
~ less food
~ higher food prices
~ higher death rates
~ fewer people

*plants take in carbon dioxide and produce oxygen. no oxygen, no life


Gaslighting is a manipulation tactic in which a person, in order to gain more power, makes a victim question their own reality or sanity.

Someone trying to gaslight you may:
~ tell blatant lies to you or about you
~ deny they ever said or did something, even though you have proof
~ make you question your own reality
~ use what is near and dear to you as ammunition
~ wear you down over time


If you were in Walmart and everything became free for 10 minutes, what would you get?

Trampled to death, probably


How To Start A Prepper Group In Your Community: ask a prepper… “There is strength in numbers, which is true for any SHTF scenario. Survival will always be easier if we have allies to shoulder some of the burden. Forming a prepper group is worth considering to ensure that you have people in your corner during an SHTF scenario. Close friends and family are the best places to find members for a prepper group. The problem is that sometimes you won’t have any preppers amongst your families and friends. In that case, you’ll have to go out and make some prepper friends.”… start conversations, find people with hobbies that are prepper adjacent, talk to people, picking the right people, and other topics are covered in this article

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the shortest complete sentence in the English language is

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