Done playing nice

May 19, 2023

give respect
get respect


I’m done
No more playing nice
I’ve given plenty of warnings

Respect is earned
What’s going on here

I will not apologize
Always a reason

3 likes and no views, 2 likes and no views, 5 likes and 2 views…do you really think I don’t know? Who’s actually visiting? And not? Don’t be pretending to like something…that is not respectful, not nice. If I get a like, I always make time, show a little respect. But that is changing…

There’s a reason I do things the way I do. I could be posting several more posts a day than I do, but that gets annoying, for me and for others. I knew when I started posting controversial stuff, I’d lose people. I knew my views and likes would go down. What I didn’t expect is to have people “pretend” to like my posts. At this point it’s obvious.

Considering the fake world we live in nowadays, I guess I shouldn’t really be surprised, or shocked, or whatever. There are people out there that just want more followers, to feel better about themselves or whatever. That’s not me. Once the respect is gone, there’s no going back. Well, it’s hard to trust again anyway

So yeah, things are changing, and I will be unfollowing people. I’m done.

I really don’t care if I piss people off. I’d rather have people around that have a little respect, than not.

32 views; 16 visitors; 26 likes

I’ve had to weed people out before, I guess it’s time to do it again.

Who knows, maybe I’ll just walk away from it all. Although I don’t want to.

hope you have a great day!
thanks for stopping by!!

17 Comments on “Done playing nice

  1. I’m wondering if WP is messing with your numbers. I also get very low views (sometimes none) but still a few likes. Also, I always read your posts and would be sad to lose them. But, I totally understand your frustration.

    • I don’t really want to stop, I enjoy what I do. I guess I’ll just have to see where I go from here.
      Could WP really mess with my numbers that way? I know they can hold my posts back, but to mess with the views…if someone clicks in, that’s unimaginable manipulation. There are people who just go down the reader and click the like button, I’ve had it happen before. Calling it out is what I’m doing for now, see how things go.

      • I wouldn’t put it past them to suppress views. I know other sites do and the name of the game is to get us discouraged enough to quit. I agree that there are ‘likers’ out there. No doubt.

  2. For me, I enjoy your content. You make me think, and hopefully others are thinking too. This country is in DEEP trouble right now and the masses don’t care. Someday, somehow the great “RESET” will happen. Folks need to be ready mentally and have a plan in place to either escape, defend or attack as required!


  3. Oh, and the numbers …. I get an email from most of the blogs I follow and can read everything without actually opening your site. I know from my blog, it effects the numbers. And, WP makes changes all the time. Last year, my traffic dropped 50% and stayed there, for NO FREAKING reason.

    • Thank you. Knowing that helps a lot.

      There is definitely no going back to the way things were, but I still have hope that we can hold off the wolves. Either that, or Jesus comes back and saves us from total destruction.

  4. You go Girl!

    But in the end it is all a numbers game. I don’t even care my my stats show. I am with you. Either you like me or you don’t. I am not going to loose sleep over it either way. Write your blog for YOU and don’t worry about the rest. 🙂

      • You are very welcome. Those of us who are Conservatives are all in the same boat. We HAVE to keep fighting the good fight, and we ALL have to stick together.

      • As hard as it can be sometimes, I won’t give up. This isn’t the first time I’ve felt like throwing in the towel, and I know it won’t be the last. God’s really the only reason I’m still here, He’s given me a mission. And it won’t be over til He says it is.

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